Why Klenico?

Throughout the world mental illnesses are on the rise: Every third sick leave is due to psychological reasons. This poses a threat of a cost explosion in the healthcare sector, that insurance companies and health authorities are trying to counteract.

Doctors and psychologists want to help their patients as best as they can. In order to do this, they must understand the individual disease. Three quarters of the symptoms are not directly visible but can only be reported by patients.

Mental illnesses affect the whole person and all areas of psychological disorders would have to be systematically addressed by a specialist. Today dozens of disorder areas involving hundreds of interwoven symptoms are known, which makes comprehensive diagnostics under time and cost aspects hardly manageable. Doctors are faced with the challenge of providing a diagnosis and simultaneously starting therapy.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that psychiatrists and psychotherapists have high quality specialised training, enabling them to effectively treat different types of mental illnesses. It is therefore important that patients are referred to a suitable specialist right away. This ensures efficient and effective treatment and counteracts the threat of a cost explosion.

To sum up: The number of patients is rising. In some places, patients already have to wait up to 3 months for an initial appointment, which is clearly too long for an acute illness. However, the number of psychiatrists and psychotherapists is limited, and it is important to avoid overloading them.

The Swiss start-up Klenico has developed a web-based certified medical product that provides doctors and therapists with versatile assistance and a solution to the problems described above:

  1. The Klenico system provides visual findings that provide insight quickly and at a glance.
  2. It covers the full range of mental disorders.
  3. It is based on the worldwide standards of the DSM and ICD.
  4. Valuable resources of doctors and therapists are spared.
  5. Patients are actively involved.
  6. Changes and treatment successes become visible.
  7. Symptoms reports can be shared.


Damian Läge and his team of researchers succeed in uncovering data structures that before could not be detected with conventional factor-analytical methods. Europe’s most renowned journal for psychology publishes these results (Läge, Egli, Möller & Riedel, 2012). Shortly thereafter, the team publishes another seminal study, marking their scientific breakthrough (Bühler, Keller & Läge, 2012). The project is subsequently funded by the Swiss Innovation Agency (InnoSuisse).
Damian Läge and Hannes Bitto found Klenico AG with its headquarters in Zurich. Together with 18 leading experts, they develop the Klenico system step by step.
After years of intensive research, the team achieves their main goal of making the principle of symptom maps applicable to psychiatric diagnostics. Henceforth, the focus shifts to the development of a web-based software.
With Richard Etter as its CEO, the team is expanded by an experienced founder. The web-based software now encompasses the full range of psychopathological symptoms and reaches market maturity. In the final quarter of 2019 the Klenico system receives approval as a medical product. Klenico AG successfully enters the market.
The Klenico team triples within one year and grows to 12 people. Klenico focuses on the Swiss and German market.


Klenico AG
Technoparkstr. 1
CH-8005 Zürich
+41 (0)44 533 13 90

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Richard Etter

Richard Etter is CEO of Klenico. He is a successful startup founder in the digital healthcare industry. After building up a digital health startup, Richard was responsible for the digital transformation of Sanitas Health Insurance in Zurich. In addition he has extensive international experience as a manager at the consulting firm Accenture.

P +41 44 533 13 97 | |

Prof. Dr. Damian Läge
Head of research

Prof. Dr. Damian Läge is a titular professor of psychology at the University of Zurich and also lectures at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Bern. After studying and obtaining a doctorate in Munich (with degrees in philosophy and psychology), he moved to the University of Zurich in 1994, where he was senior assistant until 2003 and held an assistant professorship until 2009. His research group for Applied Cognitive Psychology worked until the transfer to the Klenico AG fully funded by grants. Thanks to his research, Damian Läge is the author of more than 150 publications and numerous lectures. At Klenico he is the head of scientific research.

T +41 44 533 13 92 |


Pia Eggimann
Customer Sucess Managerin

Pia Joëlle Eggimann ist als Customer Success Managerin bei Klenico tätig. Pia bringt mehrjährige Erfahrung im Bereich Business Development, Product Management und User Experience in unterschiedlichen Branchen mit. Im Rahmen ihrer Masterarbeit im Studiengang MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design, konnte Pia für ein Digital Health-Startup eine neue Platform nutzerzentriert neugestalten.

T +41 44 533 13 99 | |

Alejandro Salcedo
Head of Business Development

Alejandro Salcedo leads the business development team of Klenico. Alejandro brings many years of international experience in sales, marketing and market access. Alejandro has already set up his own Digital Health Startup in Switzerland and has launched numerous products and innovative solutions for Medtronic and Eli Lilly.

P +41 79 199 93 60 | |

Dr. Suzana Stojiljkovic

Business Development und Clinical Expert

Als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Universität Zürich konnte sie wertvolle Erfahrungen u.a. in den Bereichen Forschung und Lehre sammeln. Sie ist zudem eidgenössisch diplomierte Psychotherapeutin und verfügt über zehn Jahre Psychotherapieerfahrung. Aktuell absolviert Suzana Stojiljkovic einen executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) an der Universität Zürich.

T +41 44 533 13 90 | |

Andreas Pelmter
Business Development

Andreas Pelmter has extensive experience in the Swiss and German healthcare sector. Andreas has been running a healthcare startup and has many years experience in sales at the international medical technology company Olympus.

T +41 44 533 13 90 | |

Gian Graf
Business Development

Gian Graf is a Working Student at Klenico. In addition to his employment, he studies Business Administration at the University of Basel and plans to graduate in summer 2020. Previously he gained professional experience in the financial sector, in compliance as well as in consulting swiss SMEs.

T +41 44 533 13 90 | |

Hannes Bitto
Product Manager

Hannes Bitto has been working in the research group of Prof. Läge since 2011, where he does his PhD besides working at Klenico. He is also an assistant to Prof. Stieglitz in the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Basel. He completed his studies in psychology, film studies and German studies at the University of Zurich. During his studies he worked with Prof. Vinzenz Morger (PH Thurgau) in the data analysis of the PISA project. As a research assistant he coordinates the software development and is responsible for the creation of the symptom maps and the future symptomatology.

P +41 44 533 13 93 | |

Nga Duong
Scrum Master

Nga Duong hat langjährige Erfahrung als Projekt Managerin und leitet das Entwickler-Team als Scrum Master.

Duy Nguyen
Software Architekt

Duy Nguyen entwickelt die Architecktur des Klenico Systems.

Khuong Tran

Khuong Tran entwicklet das Klenico System.

Khai Kuynh

Khai Huyn entwicklet das Klenico System.

Linh Nguyen
Quality Assurance

Linh Nguyen stellt die Qualitätsicherung der Software sicher.

Mark Iten

Chairman of the Board

Mark Iten, born in 1965, business economist, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Klenico AG. He started his career with PWC in the field of audit and corporate finance, followed by several years in international management consulting. Since 1998 Mark Iten is an independent entrepreneur. He has extensive experience with start-ups in Germany and abroad and is a member of the board of several medium-sized companies.

P +41 79 405 31 69 | |

Dr. med Thomas Meier
Member of the Board

Dr. med. Thomas Meier, b. 1954, since 1996 chief physician of the Psychiatric Services South of the canton St.Gallen. With regard to his work on the Klenico board of directors, his 20-year commitment to quality management, with experience from various benchmark groups, should be mentioned. Thomas Meier has been a member of the board of the National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ) since 2009 as well as of the associated Quality Committee Psychiatry (ANQ).

P +41 79 955 93 94 | |

Prof. Dr. med. Achim Haug

Member of the Board

Prof. Dr. med. Achim Haug, b. 1953, is Medical Director of the Clienia Private Clinic Group and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Zurich. He is also a board member of the Swiss Association of Psychiatric Chief Physicians and a member of the ethics committee of the Canton of Zurich. At the National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ) he is a member of the Advisory Committee on Psychiatry.

P +41 52 269 02 10 | |

Pia Eggimann
Customer Sucess Manager

Pia Joëlle Eggimann is responsible for Customer Success at Klenico. Pia brings several years of experience in business development, product management, and user experience in various industries. As part of her master’s thesis of the MAS in Human-Computer Interaction Design, Pia was able to redesign a new platform for a digital health start-up with a user-centered approach.

P +41 44 533 13 99 | |

Dr. Suzana Stojiljkovic
Buisness Development and Clinical Expert

As a research assistant at the University of Zurich, she gained valuable experience including in the areas of research and teaching. She is also a federally certified psychotherapist and has ten years of psychotherapy experience. Suzana Stojiljkovic is currently completing an executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) at the University of Zurich.
T +41 44 533 13 90 | |

Nga Duong
Scrum Master

Nga Duong has many years of experience as a project manager. She is the Scrum Master of the development team.

Duy Nguyen
Software Architect

Duy Nguyen develops the architecture of the Klenico system.

Khuong Tran
Software Engineer

Khuong Tran develops the Klenico System.

Khai Kuynh
Software Engineer

Khuong Tran develops the Klenico System.

Linh Nguyen
Quality Assurance

Linh Nguyen ensures the quality assurance of the Klenico System.

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