Psychiatric specialists

Efficient diagnosis
The Klenico system offers a comprehensive yet efficient symptom assessment based on the criteria of the DSM-5, the ICD-10 and henceforth the ICD-11. The patient can fill out the questionnaire at home or in the waiting room, with the results instantly appearing as visual symptom maps. If necessary, you can supplement or override the symptoms. The precise mapping of the individual symptoms assists you in your diagnosis and provides you with the best prerequisites for your treatment planning.

Useful for communication

The symptom map visualises psychological disorders effectively and can assist you in your discussions with your patients, thus helping them to better understand their mental condition and possible treatments. The symptom map further allows patients to recognize their situation as known and treatable phenomenon. In addition, it can assist you in your reporting and communication with other professionals.

Visible treatment success

When the symptom assessment is repeated, the change map visualises the therapy progress.

General practitioners

Straight to a comprehensive overview
The Klenico system allows you to quickly gain an overview of a patient’s mental condition. The patient can fill out the questionnaire at home or in the waiting room. Without any further effort on your part, the Klenico system will provide the results as visual symptom map.

Reliable decision-making
The well-founded symptom assessment will give you assurance in your decisions for the best possible therapy of your patient. Any case of possible self-harm or risk for others will become apparent immediately. The visualized symptoms across all disorder areas significantly facilitate your decision as to whether additional examination by yourself or a referral is necessary.

Useful for communication

If you decide on further clarification or treatment, the symptom map will help you to show and discuss the patient’s psychological distress. With the knowledge that mental illnesses can be treated effectively, patients will be motivated on their path to mental health.

Telehealth providers

Quick first assessment

The Klenico system allows you to quickly gain an overview of a patient’s mental condition from his perspective. For this purpose, the patient fills out an online questionnaire. If necessary, the self-report can then be supplemented or overridden by a specialist. The resulting, intuitively accessible symptom map visualizes the symptoms report and can even be useful for a first triage.

Finding the right specialist for the right patient
The Klenico system allows patients to be referred to the specialist best suited for their condition. This creates the best possible foundation for an effective therapy.


Reliable diagnosis is important

If you think that you may have developed a mental illness, it is worthwhile to check with a specialist, who will help you understand your condition and determine the most suitable therapy. Most mental illnesses can be treated effectively if they are detected in time. Prior to therapy, a reliable diagnosis is required, which the specialist will establish based on the impairments as reported by you. The Klenico system provides support for precisely this stage of treatment.

Precise diagnosis for the best possible therapy

The specialist will ask you to specify your discomfort online by clicking on simple I-statements that apply to you. At the end of the query, the expert will discuss the statements with you personally. The Klenico system will then create a symptom map that visualises your condition and assists the specialist in establishing a precise diagnosis. This will serve as foundation for finding the best possible therapy for you.

Visible treatment success

After a certain time, the procedure can be repeated using the Klenico system. Based on a change map, you and your healthcare professional will not only feel the success of the treatment, but also see it.

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