Our mission

Mental health is one of the biggest challenges of the next few decades. We are working to provide all those affected with low-threshold access to appropriate solutions.

Better diagnostics and mental health for everyone.

Since the corona pandemic, the rate of mental illness across Europe has risen by 20 percent (OECD 2021). Younger generations in particular are affected. Shortage of skilled workers, rising costs and waiting times pose additional problems. Since we know that a valid diagnosis provides the starting point for good treatment, we place this at the center of everything we do.

We work scientifically and medically.

Klenico was created in 2015 from a spin-off from the University of Zurich. The software, which makes it easier for therapists and doctors to diagnose mental illnesses, has been used in clinics and practices for years and suggests the correct diagnoses even in complex cases. By expanding our product range to include those affected who do not yet have a medical contact person, we are maintaining our high quality standards.

For a world where mental health matters.

We cannot implement the necessary changes with our solutions without working with others. Wherever possible, we support initiatives to reduce stigma around mental health and partner to reach as many people as possible.