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Klenico helps health insurance companies identify and manage people with mental health problems.

There are lots of good reasons Offer Klenico to your insured person.

With the Mental Health Check, Klenico offers a quick but very comprehensive mental health assessment. Psychological stress is identified at an early stage and is quickly referred to available therapists. This prevents chronicles, saves costs and promotes mental health.

Early diagnosis of mental illnesses

Klenico helps to identify psychological stress at an early stage, to initiate the necessary care and to save treatment costs in the long term.

Quick and reliable diagnosis

Klenico offers a standardized and quality-assured diagnostic process that is nevertheless efficient.


Digital access to the Mental Health Check reduces accessibility barriers.

Triaging assistance

The well-founded recording of the load allows targeted triaging into the right treatment.


Klenico was developed at the University of Zurich in collaboration with leading experts in psychology.

That's how easy it works
Klenico Mental Health Check

Easy & low-threshold access

Through digital and access, those affected can create an account and start the survey within a few minutes.

Comprehensive mental health check

Our Mental Health Check is scientifically validated and enables a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all psychological stress.

Interactive results

Nach der Befragung wird eine interaktive Landschaft des psychischen Empfindens erstellt.

Evaluation interview

In an evaluation interview with a psychological specialist, the areas of stress are validated and appropriate treatment recommendations are discussed.

Evaluation documents

Equipped with the technical report and recommendation guide, a suitable treatment can be started in a targeted manner.

With Klenico, we have a reliable partner who uses mental health analysis to help our insured persons better understand their psychological burden. At the same time, insured persons receive an individual treatment recommendation from a medical professional in order to regain their mental strength in a self-determined manner.

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Learn more about the use of Mental Health Checks and our previous experiences and insights about our target groups and the most relevant areas of stress.

Common questions

How exactly does the Mental Health Check work?

The Mental Health Check consists of a comprehensive, validated and scientific online survey on the entire range of areas of psychological stress. Users then find initial results and can optionally discuss them with a psychological specialist in a video call. Our experts summarize the results and appropriate recommendations in two reports and make them available to users.

Who takes advantage of the Mental Health Check?

The most common motivations of our users are uncertainties about their psychological stress and what this means, as well as ambiguities about treatment options and offers. Questions often arise about symptoms and those affected want their problems to be classified. The extensive supply offerings and complex regulatory channels also appear to be a hurdle that can dampen the motivation to change or lead to overwhelming demands. Accordingly, those affected express the desire for guidance and clarity.

How can the Mental Health Check be integrated as an insurance product?

Using independent landing pages, we can build individual journeys for your insurance so that users get a quick and low-threshold introduction to the topic. This can be done, for example, via an insurance app or a specific communication campaign.

What are the costs for the mental health check?

The costs for the mental health check are negotiated individually and depend on how large the user group we address is and what figures we expect.

How do we ensure that health data is handled?

We work according to the highest safety standards. Health data is separated from personal data and can only be combined by relevant psychological professionals.