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The mental health of your employees is of central importance if you are striving for long-term success as a company. With the Mental Health Check, we offer you the opportunity to anchor mental health as a priority in your company.

There are lots of good reasons
To offer Klenico in your company.

Investing in internal and external health services is worthwhile. If psychological stress is identified early on, long-term absences and high turnover rates can be prevented and the mental health of employees can be strengthened.


The adult population is affected by mental illness every year


The au days with an average Duration of 43 days is due to psychological stress.

44 billion

Medical expenses are caused by psychological stress

16 billion

Production loss costs due to mental illness

Easy & low-threshold access

Through digital and access, those affected can create an account and start the survey within a few minutes.

Comprehensive mental health check

Our Mental Health Check is scientifically validated and enables a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all psychological stress.

Interactive results

After the survey, an interactive landscape of psychological perception is created.

Evaluation interview

In an evaluation interview with a psychological specialist, the areas of stress are validated and appropriate treatment recommendations are discussed.

Evaluation documents

Equipped with the technical report and recommendation guide, a suitable treatment can be started in a targeted manner.

Investing in mental health pays off 

In 2020, health spending by German employers stood at 17.61 billion euros, and the trend is rising. It's worth it:

  • To destigmatize mental health
  • Prioritize employee wellbeing
  • offer low-threshold and anonymous support
  • To improve the general working environment
  • and thus promote a healthy corporate culture

As an innovative health insurance company, we are aware of the importance of health-promoting offers. We want to offer our employees modern solutions to actively take care of their mental wellbeing. Investments in employee health always pay off — for both sides,” explains Tina Dubach-Ianakiev, Head of Human Resources at KPT.

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