For those affected

Psychological stress manifests itself in a variety of ways. It is therefore not always easy to classify your own psychological symptoms. We'd like to help you do that.

Klenico helps you understand your mental health symptoms.

With Klenico, you have the opportunity to reflect on your symptoms and have them classified together in a conversation with a psychotherapeutic specialist. You will then receive meaningful and concrete support offers. Find out whether your health insurance covers the costs.

Get early support

Klenico helps to identify psychological symptoms at an early stage and to initiate the necessary care.

Direct therapist contact

With KleniCome, you have the opportunity to have your stress classified by a psychotherapeutic specialist afterwards.

Quick assessment and orientation

With our mental health check, you can quickly and easily get an overview of your mental health. Our interactive evaluation shows you which symptoms are present and what next steps you can take.


You can start the survey independently of a treatment or therapy and thus get an initial, quick classification of your symptoms.

Low-threshold access

You can start the survey anytime and anywhere. So you decide for yourself when it's the right time for you.

No waiting time

Within a few days, you can discuss your symptoms with a therapist - there is no waiting list.

Easy & low-threshold access

Through digital and access, those affected can create an account and start the survey within a few minutes.

Comprehensive mental health check

Our Mental Health Check is scientifically validated and enables a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all psychological stress.

Interactive results

After the survey, an interactive landscape of psychological perception is created.

Evaluation interview

In an evaluation interview with a psychological specialist, the areas of stress are validated and appropriate treatment recommendations are discussed.

Evaluation documents

Equipped with the technical report and recommendation guide, a suitable treatment can be started in a targeted manner.

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Our products are designed to meet rigorous scientific and medical standards while providing deep insights into mental health. In this way, we are setting new standards in mental health assessment.

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322 million


The World Health Organization WHO assumes that around 322 million people worldwide are affected by depression.

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anxiety disorders

Die Angststörung zählt zu den häufigsten psychischen Belastungen. Etwa jeder vierte Mensch erkrankt im Laufe seines Lebens daran.

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sleep disorders

Every fourth adult suffers from sleep disorders and more than every tenth person experiences their sleep frequently or permanently as unrestful.

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1.6 million

alcohol addiction

In Germany, around 1.6 million people suffer from alcohol addiction. 7.9 million people consume alcohol in a form that is hazardous to their health.

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I had been feeling bad for a long time - especially sleep disorders and chest pressure. But I've always ignored it and thought it would go away by itself. As I was getting worse and worse, I tried the Online Mental Health Check - and was able to start using an app on prescription after a week.

Stefanie W. — customer

Assumption of costs

Sanitas reimbursement

For insured persons with supplementary outpatient insurance or supplementary hospital insurance, Sanitas covers the entire costs of the mental health check and clarification interview. But even without additional insurance, you can benefit from discounted conditions for the Mental Health Check. diesem Link. Dort findest du das Angebot im Sanitas Portal im Guide für mentale Gesundheit. Zum Guide für mentale Gesundheit.

Concordia reimbursement

CONCORDIA covers all costs for the mental health check and evaluation interview. Click on the following link to find out more about how you can do the Mental Health Check.folgenden Link, um mehr darüber zu erfahren, wie du den Mental Health Check machen kannst.